What to Do When Your Puppy Won’t Stop Biting Your Pant Legs

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Training your Puppy to Stop Biting Your Pant Legs

Puppies are quite eager to bite you and they love to do this due to the number of reasons. There are many reasons due to which your puppy might be frequently biting you. For many times they are just getting used to the new things and people and they are habitual of biting things to make themselves familiar. Sometimes they are biting when they are teething and just want a relief from the pain. Although they seem cute to do this when they are small but bearing them biting when they are a fully grown up dog is really uncomfortable and irritating.

Training your Puppy to Stop Biting Your Pant Legs

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If you own a puppy and you hate its biting then it’s better to nip that habit in the bud before your puppy becomes a dog and biting becomes an unbearable problem. When you find your puppy developing the habit of biting, then the first thing to do is to find the root cause. If you observe that your puppy is biting due to teething phase then buy your puppy a teething toy specifically made for the dogs, however, if you didn’t find any particular reason behind the habit then you must have to take steps necessary to diminish the developing habit.

Small puppies are fond of biting soft things that mostly includes, quilted fabric, blankets, cushions, pillows, toys and even your apparels. It is funny and cute watching a puppy grabbing your clothes and biting them softly, but it is weird when they chew it hardly and destroys the fabric. This is not only harmful to you for ruining clothes but could also be hazardous for your puppy as it can cause choking in the throat.

Now you have to know how you can treat this problem, first of all, set a time for a play time. In that play time treat your puppy as a small naughty kid. Place a tether somewhere at a place where your puppy can find it.

Next, you have to provide your puppy with plenty of soft toys that it can chew so to divert its attention from your clothes. Usually, there are soft toys available in the market especially made for the dogs, this will solve the problem to a great extent.

Other ways of distracting your dog from biting are to teach him new games, tricks, and greetings that will engage him mostly. You can teach it to kiss you cheeks softly and put its hand on your palm as a gesture of love and bonding. This all will engage your dog in something other than biting.

When your puppy starts developing the habit of biting, give it a solid but gentle warning and offer your dog soft toys or tether. Your puppy will understand that it is a disliked habit and either it has to bite the toy or stop this habit. Most of the dogs accept the disapproval and continue with the soft toys or tether.

Doing all this, make sure not to scare your pet and hurt its feelings. You have to be affectionate and passionate at the same time while teaching your dog to avoid this bad habit. With the passage of teaching sessions and play time, your dog will realize and will leave the habit of biting. Rewards, appreciation, and treats are the very essential element of teaching and training your pet, so never ignore their significance. Also, observe that your dog could be aggressive and discouraged if the training sessions are too long and your puppy gets exhausted and bored, so try to keep the training sessions short and interesting.


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