Training Tips to Control Fear Biting and Excessive Barking In Your Shih Tzu

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The breed of Shih Tzu by nature is very friendly and responsive and usually, it fits in perfectly as a pet in your family. When this wonderfully temperate small breed is well-trained, it becomes an excellent companion. However, Shih Tzu dogs have some issues such as biting, barking, chewing, etc. Being a pet owner, it is your duty to properly address your dog’s problems.


Most of the Shih Tzu owners become frustrated and terrified when their dogs bark on someone or something unusual happens.This time span of barking can be prolonged if you are not there to stop them. For this, train your dogs gently if you want to obtain fruitful results. If they bark on something unusual in the surrounding to warn you, it is fine but having them barking all the time can be very disturbing. If your dog is barking, tell, calmly to stop and then praise him/her. In this kind of disciplinary training, you can use the reward for positive results. Once they worked-up into the bark, divert their attention. .


Furthermore, another issue with Shih Tzu dogs is their negative habit of ‘whining when they are left alone. You can eliminate such attitude of your puppy by using an effective training tip, simply start walking or playing fetch with her/him. This is a great exercise that not only makes your pet healthy but also addresses its behavior problems. Being a pet owner, you should fully understand your dog’s needs. So, take your puppy out on regular basis as this exercise will tackle its health needs as well as its behavioral issues.


Moreover, many dog owners experience a time when their dogs have a biting issue. A dog may bite because of many reasons such as teething, protection reflex against strangers, negative behavior either learned or instinctual inbred behavior, etc. Whatever the reason may be, it is easy to train your Shih Tzu by using simple effective tricks. If your dog is biting due to teething, give your dog lots of interesting toys designed to ease their discomfort. Some dogs will nip or bite at strangers or at those that are new to them. You can train them to socialize with new people and new situations.


Ask your friends to come to your home and greet you in friendly and pleasant manner in front of your dog. Let your friend sit and then slowly bring your dog towards your friend & introduce both in a calm and happy voice.

Ask your friends and visitors to come with treats and gently give them to your Shih Tzu. After several weeks, your Shih Tzu will learn how to welcome new people and how to socialize with them.


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    Effective training tips to control Fear Biting and Excessive Barking of your Shih Tzu.

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