Teach Your Shih Tzu Essential Basic Commands

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Teaching and training your Shih Tzu puppy is not a cup of tea as it takes long term dedication and time. For this reason, many pet owners hire a trainer or send their dogs to a training school where they learn some of the basic commands. If you are not interested, simply teach and train your Shih Tzu by yourself as it will not only be helpful when it comes to correcting problem issues but will also assist you to foster a stronger and happy relationship between you and your pet. All you have to do is to teach your Shih Tzu with a little patience

Some of the essential commands for your Shih Tzu are as following:

1. Sit: One of the easiest commands that your dogs will easily learn is how to sit. To train your dog, it is a best practice to get started.

  • Hold a treat in your hand and put it near enough to the nose of your pet.
  • By moving your hand up lightly will make the head of the dog to follow and he/she will sit down naturally.
  • Say “sit” when your pet sits down.
  • Treat him with affection.
  • Repeating this command will help dog to comprehend and he will come to know how to sit naturally.

2. Down: This command requires additional repetitions because of its submissive nature.

  • Place a treat on your hand and close your fist.
  • By holding your fist in front of the dog’s nose will make him/her sniff it.
  • Move your fist to the floor and as your dog will follow its head, encourage it with your second hand to lay down.
  • Reward your pet with love.
  • Don’t use your force to let your dog do so.


3. Come: This command greatly helps you to stop your dog from going outside of your property.

  • For this, put a collar and leash on your dog’s neck.
  • Go down on your knees to the level of your pet and say, “come”.
  • Gently pull its leash towards you.
  • When your dog comes back to you, reward it with love and a treat.
  • Practice this many times a day until your dog will come to you on your command even without the leash.


4. Leave It Alone: This command will help your dog to learn when to leave alone something that is potentially dangerous.

  • Hold a treat in your both hands.
  • Show your dog one enclose fist and say “leave it alone”.
  • Your dog will probably lick, sniff, paw and even bark for treat.
  • Ignore it and open your other hand and give your pet a treat when he/she really gives up.
  • Practice it many times until your pet recognize your words “leave it alone” and moves away from your first hand.


5. Stay: It is important command that will help your puppy to stay away when trouble arises.

Firstly, make your dog to sit.

With the open palm of your hand, make stop motion and say “stay”.

Hold your hand in front of your pet for few seconds, until he/she will take a few steps back.

Reward your pet with a good treat, if it stays.


How to Teach Your Shih Tzu Essential Basic Commands

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