How to Teach Your Shih Tzu to Fetch in Six Easy Steps

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How to Teach Your Shih Tzu to Fetch

Fetching is apparently the most interesting activity every dog is naturally fond of. Although some dogs love to do this as playing a game. Most of the dogs are not familiar with this game and need to be taught. Generally, a dog will certainly go behind what you will throw but it might not be obvious about what to do with the object, either fetch it or leave it there. They will try to understand what you expect from them by looking at you.

How to Teach Your Shih Tzu to Fetch

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The good part is that you can teach your Shih Tzu to fetch in simply six steps. The process will take some time, but you will live this time and will enjoy strengthening a bond with your dog.


  1. Find the Right Object

You can’t use any boring object that is not attractive for your dog. Try to find something appealing and charming. Make your dog familiar with that toy or object before starting the session. Some playful things you can utilize include; soft toys, squeak toys, balls, rubber toys bones or food treats.


2. Encourage Your Dog to Chase

If they successfully run and chase the object then proceed to the next level. If they give no response and just sit, staring at you then you need to make things bit clear. You have to motivate the dog to chase the object. You can give various temptations like playtime, food, and affection to motivate your dog to run behind the object. Try to link the object being thrown and chasing it.


3. Hold Them Back Initially

One way to encourage your dog chasing an object is to gently grab them when it is thrown. You can also employ verbal communication such as appropriate sounds, gestures, and tricks that will help your dog better understand the action.


4. Getting It Back

Teaching them to grab the object thrown is the first level. The next phase that needs teaching is to make your dog bring back that object. Start calling the name of your dog to make it bring that object back to you. If your dog does not return bringing the object back to you then take another object and toss it in the opposite direction, in this way your dog will learn to return back to you. The session might take time but dogs are naturally meant to respond things tossed, so sooner or later your dog will learn this trick.


5. All the Way Back

Most often dogs succeed in picking the object but return back to you leaving the object half way. You can make a correction by showing your dog a treat at exactly the time when it drops the object. The dog will automatically correlate getting the reward for bringing the object back to you. Dogs are good learners and actively respond to treats, rewards, and affection, so try to enhance the efficiency and understanding of your dog with love and care.


6. If All Else Fails, Use a Rope

If you are disappointed by using all form of rewards and treats and fail to get the desired response from your dog then make use of the rope in a gentle way to convey a message to your dog for returning back. Pull the rope and encourage the dog returning back to you. Show your dog that coming back with the object is a good thing and the dog will definitely try to be obedient.


Again, this session will take time and needs your tolerance and patience. Practice will make your dog perfect in fetching and will make you a best friend of your dog.


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