How To Initiate Your Shih Tzu To Socialize With Others

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Though Shih Tzu  are quite smaller as compared to many dogs around them, still they would love to go out with you for some socializing with other dogs. It is important to properly socialize your Shih Tzu with large dogs, small children, new people and strange situations when they are small puppies. Its benefit it that with the passage of time, they can grow up without any unreasonable fear. If you teach your impressionable puppy how to socialize in their adulthood, the results may be disastrous.

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Making your Shih Tzu a well-socialized puppy is indeed to prevent them from developing fear-biting’ habit. Such types of dogs are so frightened and are not trustworthy. Being dogs, they cope with any tense situation by putting forward their teeth. Obviously, being Shih Tzu owner, you will want your beloved puppy to be a good companion that you can take anywhere without any hassle and worry.

However, there are many ways that help you initiate your puppy being in contact with other dogs and strange people plus situations easily. For this, take your Shih Tzu to new places everyday for the first three months. By doing so, your puppy will know how to incorporate with new people, new situations and new environments. Soon your Shih Tzu will come to expect new things happening around them on a regular basis.

Likewise, it is your duty to guide the whole tour of your Shih Tzu with great care not only to get them familiar with the place but also to make them happy. Because there are some dogs in your way that are as positive as you are but if your puppy will approach to a larger dog that shows negative behavior, then it is one of the worst thing for you to do is freak out when a larger dog come near. It is also a good idea to verify with the owners of dogs first to find out that if their dogs are friendly or not. If the other dog is friendly, let your Shih Tzu meet and play with it and if not, simply guide your puppy to walk on other side of the way.

In the same way, you will have to be very careful about your Shih Tzu when he/she will meet with small kids for the very first time as most the small kids can not be judged like other larger dogs. It is better to supervise the meeting of your Shih Tzu and a small child. Normally, small children and Shih Tzu become fast friends, but it is good to supervise their meeting.

How to socialize your puppy

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