Five Helpful Tips to House-Train your Shih-tzu

May 24, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Training

House training tips for shih-tzu

Having a dog as a pet sounds interesting and playful but some aspects of owning a dog are really irritating especially when it comes to training your dog some good ethics and house manners. This is really troublesome because usually we believe our dog to behave and respond according to our expectations and when they do not behave in that way, we become frustrated and overwhelmed. What we need is to know accurately, how to train a dog for a particular task. When we are clear about what we want to teach, the dog will automatically respond as desired.

House training tips for shih-tzu

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  1. You can take your dog out– take your dog in the outdoor ambiance but remember to limit the training session within the boundaries of your yard. Give your dog time to choose the best place for the learning session. Don’t exasperate if your dog takes time choosing the spot, give it enough time to observe and make choices.
  2. Let him follow your command – after taking your dog to the spot selected for potty training, repeat your command several times to let your dog familiarize with the words and the tone. The command must be easy to understand and concise so that your dog could remember it easily.
  3. Praise him and give rewards– always praise your dog when it acts according to your expectations. Appreciation and acknowledgment will make your dog feel more confident and happy. He will learn quickly and act more decently that will make the training sessions comfortable for both of you.
  4. Let your dog learn how to give signals– the training session should be associated with the need of going to the toilet. Let your dog communicate the need to go potty. Help it to give you a signal that you can understand.
  5. Keep in touch with him indoors– It is very important that you supervise your dog with all the activities he does inside your house. This way, you can pick up on any habits he has, catch him before he has an accident, and have complete success with housetraining your dog.

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