Training Guide for New Shih Tzu Parents

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Every pet animal has different needs and wants. Training them is one of the most tiresome and responsible jobs of a new pet owner. It is very crucial to have a very good understanding of the dos and don’ts to train a pet, specifically, if it’s going to be your very first experience.

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If it is your first time with a puppy, then have a good look at the following guidelines that will help you ensure in the right upbringing of your puppy:


  • Start Early: Be the man of plan before bringing a puppy home and keep an appropriate name that should be short and uncommon and easy to understand for your puppy. Schedule its training and routine so that it doesn’t adapt to any habit that you may find undesirable later.


  • Set Rules: Discipline is the most important aspect in any pet’s training. Give your Shih Tzu potty training from the very first day and specify the places to your puppy as to where it will sleep and its boundaries where it shouldn’t be found wandering. Make house rules and ensure it is followed.


  • Consistency, Patience and Confidence: It is important to be patient in your training. The puppy will make mistakes and be uncertain at times during training, but you need to be consistent and confident in your methods.


  • Behavior Control: To ensure that your Shih Tzu follows good tracks, treat it with rewards when it behaves well, in this way it will know what needs to be repeated. Equally, after its bad behavior, give a harmless reaction so that your puppy feels that it did something wrong and it should not be repeated.


  • No Biting: No matter how cute you may find your puppy baby teeth, never encourage him/her to bite to avoid menace in future.


  • Training Time: Keep one trainer and not more to avoid confusion in your puppy training. Go slow, plan just one or two exercises per day and never exceed the scheduled training as it may make your Shih Tzu lose its interest.


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