5 Simple Tips about Training your Shih Tzu

December 22, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Training

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/oscalito/2149740259

Did you hear, ”Dog is a faithful animal”. You must have, but hold on! Animals are animals. To make them faithful, it is you who first have to work out to activate the inbuilt senses of loyalty. Dogs, the loyals, are love and training them is one of the most enjoyable tasks. So, if you’re looking for training your Shih Tzu dog, consider these tips:
1. Dogs respond more actively to positive reinforcement than to negative reinforcement. Before beginning any training, it is important to show as much compassion to your dog as you can so that it catches every signal you send.
2. Cage has to be a treat for your dog and not a scary thought of imprisonment. Let the Shi Tzu ”feel home” when in its crate, by giving him food, toy or anything he enjoys every time you put him in.
3. Toilet training being the toughest one, should not take much time if you remain alert to the signs Shih Tzu shows. When it sniffs, squats or circles, take it as early as possible for elimination. After a certain time, Shi Tzu itself will run to the specified place whenever it feels the need.
4. You want your Shih Tzu to respond to your signals, don’t you? While an obedient ShihTzu is so adorable, a troublesome one could be very loathsome. Train your Shih Tzu with different sounds i.e sound of a whistle, bell, clap etc and do a particular action after that so that it learns the outcome.
5. Teaching different postures are important. To begin with a sit, stand and lying down training, show your Shih Tzu a treat and ask it to sit by standing in front of it. Shih Tzu will first develop the habit of sitting down every time you stand in that posture and ask it to sit while it will later respond simply to your call of ”Sit”.
Last but not the least. The most important tip is, be patient! It takes some time to train and since you know they’re animals that want your compassion and patience to become what you want them to be.

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