5 Tips For Traveling With Shih Tzu Dogs

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Tips on traveling with Shihtzu dogs

Planning a tour along with your Shih Tzu dog could be challenging but at the same time, it could be the fun-filled, entertaining and adventurous experience. Whether you are planning an outdoor picnic, traveling abroad, camping tour, hiking, family vacation. Anything like that could be very fulfilled with your cute Shih Tzu partner. But for this, you have to prepared for any challenge that your dog can create for your, so you have to be very vigilant on the trip and need to be prepared for anything unexpected that could come your way.

Tips on traveling with Shihtzu dogs

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Here are some tips for traveling with dogs.

  1. First of all, get your Shih Tzu thoroughly checked from a veteran. Make sure that your dog has no medical issue and it has been given all sort of required vaccinations and they are truly prepared for traveling. You have to keep with you all documents related to the health and ownership of your dog, in case you have to present them before any authority as a proof. Also take with you all recent medical reports, in case you have to visit a veteran at any other place in an emergency. Make sure that the mode you are traveling through is safer for your Dog’s health, inform the details of your tour with the veteran and try to obtain a certificate from the veteran that your dog is healthy for such form of traveling. Also inform your airlines, bus service or hotel management about your traveling with the dog and clear any reservations in advance. To avoid any confusion ensure all the requirements in advance, so your traveling may not be interrupted by any unwanted instance.
  2. Gather all essentials needed during the traveling and go for shopping in this regard and collect all things you may need to cope with any situation related to your pet. You might be needing enough food that your dog likes, medicines that your dog is taking regularly, also a comfortable crate, identification and vaccination tags, a fine collar and a leash, mention all your necessary details on the id tag of your dog so if your dog gets missing, someone who found your dog could inform you well. Also, have with you a recent photo of your Shih Tzu to handle the situation if your dog gets missing.
  3. Get your dog used to a long hour traveling in the car before leaving for long tours. Take your dog for you in the car to make it familiar to the traveling ethics. Make your dog familiar with the spending time as much time in the car so he does not create trouble for you while traveling. Ensure that you have plenty of space available in the car where your Shih Tzu can be seated comfortably. Make sure that you have the proper ventilation system in the car as Shih Tzu are prone to heat strokes and have less resistance to the warm temperatures.
  4. If you are to travel y plane then make sure that the airline allows you to carry your dog among you. Talk with them and present all supporting documents that prove your dog healthy and fit for this mode of traveling. Know all the details for traveling with pets including the cost and any fee if charged by the airline. Also inform your hotel where you are going to reside about the pet, do they allow pets or not and then make decision accordingly. Make all these arrangements and gather all relevant information in advance to avoid any unwanted situation and trouble.
  5. Another important thing to do is to make flight reservations in advance because all airlines have a certain limit to which they can accommodate dogs and other pets. Never take you dog with you on trips unless your dog is obedient to your instructions and is well trained to follow your orders.

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