10 Easy steps for training your Shih Tzu to harness and leash

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When Shih Tzu becomes eight weeks old, this is the recommended time to start leash training of your puppy as it is one of the most important skills your Shih Tzu will learn. A good walk will allow your puppy to get out and intermingle with its surroundings in a safe and supervised manner. Leash training sessions are time-consuming, so you will need to be consistent and patient. Before you start training session, choose a collar in order to make your puppy familiar with these wearings at home. Make sure to take your Shih Tzu to familiar places for leash training. The important steps of leash training are as follow:

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  • First of all, know the personality of your dog as Shih Tzu dogs are very energetic and love to be on the go.


  • Select an appropriate sized collar or harness. A harness puts less pressure as compared to the collar on dog’s neck, so it is better to select a harness with a chest strap that goes between the front legs of your puppy. Small dog including Shih Tzu offers you better results during training with a harness. You also need a 4 to 6 feet long leash and some favorite treats for your dog.


  • Praise and treat your puppy when you put on the harness, attach the leash to the collar or harness and allow the puppy to drag the leash around. This will help your puppy to get used to the feeling of pressure on its leash.


  • Shih Tzu is a sensible dog that can sense how you feel, so get started leash training session with a positive attitude.


  • Pick up the leash, sit to the left of your stance and start the training session with your dog in a polite manner.


  • It is better to use a command word when you are ready to walk with your puppy. You can use simple command words like “come”, “get start” or “let’s go”.


  • Do not try to pull on the leash and simply follow when your puppy roams. If your dog will make any sudden movements or resist the leash, again start with sitting position. Your training session should last 15 minutes. If your puppy takes the whole session, you can try it again.


  • Encourage your dog to walk on the leash with you using treats and praise them by using simple words like “good job” or “well done”.


  • It is your goal to make your dog stop anytime you want to stop it. If you puppy sits when you want it to be, simply give him/her treats and praise them. If your puppy tries to run away or does not stop, simply hold the leash. Your puppy will soon feel the discomfort and will learn that it is a result of his/her own action. Be in the sitting position and start again.


  • One training session is not enough for your Shih Tzu to learn complete, it will take time. You should keep the tone of the training light and fun to make puppy look forward to the next training session with joy. Do not hit or give punishment to your puppy while training and simply ignore his/her unwanted behavior during leash training.


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