10 Amazing and Impressive Tricks to Teach your Shih Tzu

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Tricks to Teach your Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu makes our lives quite entertaining and fun filled. The company of Shih Tzu’s is much valuable and cherishing especially in times of stress and strain. Returning home after a tiring day and playing and hoping with Shih Tzu will relieve your stress and leave you more energetic and lively.

Dogs are by nature very loving and affectionate so spending a good time with the dog and teaching some interesting things is something worth doing and important. Teaching some skills to the dog will make your dog more charming, confident and fun-loving.

Tricks to Teach your Shih Tzu

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Here is a list of some interesting tricks that you can teach to your dog:

1. Dancing

Dancing is one of the most leading skill of the Shih Tzu breed. You can start from teaching simple commands such as; stand, move, spin and dance. You can try different food treats for the appreciation and inspiration of the Shih Tzu. You will love to see your Shih Tzu learning these tricks and trying to make you happy.

2. Skateboarding

Try to familiarize Shih Tzu with the skateboard at first. Simply place it in front of the dog and appreciate him if he shows some interest in the skateboard. The dog might get frightened at first while spinning on the wheels but later he will definitely enjoy that slipping due to its own playful nature. Shih Tzu loves adventure and exciting games so it is clear that he will enjoy skateboarding. Always appreciate your dog for achieving something, this will make things easier for the cute Shih Tzu.

3. High Five

Seeing a dog do high five is immensely entertaining and delightful especially for the children. It is a great trick that you can easily teach your Shih Tzu. Again you have to be appreciating and passionate. Try to reward the dog with treats and surprises. Call loudly the command ‘High Five” and gently strike on the leg. Repeat the command until the desired action is taught to the dog.

4. Kissing

All Shih Tzu’s love to kiss, but to kiss tenderly without the spit could be the trick that needs teaching. Again use the treats in the training sessions. Place the treat near your cheek and say the command loudly and bring your cheek near the dog and wait until the dog touches your cheek tenderly with a nose. Offer the treat now for appreciation. Doing so frequently will make Shih Tzu learn that all he needs to get the treat is to delicately press its nose to your cheek. When the dog learns to do so, you can try with other individuals as well.

5. Playing piano

If you are having a piano or the keyboard at home, why not teach something playful to the Shih Tzu. Try to remove other distracting things around the piano, so the Shih Tzu gets an opportunity to explore the piano. When Shih Tzu try to explore piano and shows interest in the instrument, always praise and appreciate. Keep the lessons short and interesting so that the Shih Tzu might not lose interest in learning.

6. Opening and Closing Doors

Teaching your dog opening and closing door is a trick that will not only display the obedience and efficiency of the dog before the guests but will also help you while you are relaxing inside the blanket and don’t want to get out for closing the door. However the trick could be unsafe if the dog uses it to, so teach the trick with caution.

7. Using the Toilet

It seems difficult to teach your dog using toilet. But this is not at all troublesome as it seems. Teaching your dog using toilet will be benefiting you for the years so spending time on teaching this trick is not a bad deal. Your dog will become accustomed to the command within months and the toilet issue of the dog will no longer be a big problem.

8. Saying Prayers

Looking a dog pray is a trick that is immensely cute and adorable trick for the children and adults as well. You can start by asking your dog to sit beside you while you say prayer. Before teaching your dog to pray, you need to teach your dog to bring its front paws in the sitting posture. Your dog can easily learn it in the couple of days. If your dog does not know how to give his paw or ask, begin by teaching him these tricks first. Offer the treat before the dog for doing this and repeat the sessions.

9. Picking up Toys

Shih Tzu love to play with soft toys and they mostly mess up the house with toys scattered everywhere, so it’s necessary to teach your dog to gather the toys and place them back to their place. However, the trick needs time and patience. The teaching sessions may prong over a week but your dog will become disciplined and responsible.

10. Playing Soccer

Shih Tzus are smart dogs and they are very good at learning games. Soccer could be a good game to teach your dog as dogs love to play with balls. Again appreciate and praise the dog with gifts, treats and surprises.


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