Why there is a sudden weight loss in Shih Tzu’s

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Have you ever noticed your dog getting slim day by day suddenly and you don’t know what’s going on? There has been some research going on the problem, and it has been said that there are some things that cause this to happen.  Some of them are:

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/76938626@N07/7957585468

Thyroid issue: This isn’t that much common in Shih Tzu’s. It can occur in small dogs but should be taken seriously when it does. It requires proper care and medication to be treated.

Diabetes: It may sound like a harsh disease, but if it is taken care of from the start, then it won’t bother the dog. It may also be heredity, so take care will adopting/ purchasing a dog.
Stress: It may seem weird that dogs also have anxiety and stress issues.
Teeth issues: It could be another issue that your dog might be having difficulty chewing due to some dental problems. Getting the mouth of your Shih Tzu checked won’t be a harm.

Tapeworm: Dogs also have to face tapeworms. These parasites may be feeding on all the nutrients from the food you give to your dog. Take note of all the out of routine things your dog does and his eating habits to learn about what’s going on.


Reduced amount of food consumption: Shih Tzu’s are not only famous for their large amount of food requirement, but it may also decrease with time.

Other than this, there may be other problems that may cause sudden weight loss in dogs. These are liver disease or maybe they don’t want to eat it. If you are getting your dog checked up regularly and are taking good care of him, then you will always be ahead of all the issues that your dog may have to encounter.

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