Variant Colors of Shih Tzu Coat

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Shih Tzu coat is the most adorable feature they are naturally gifted with.  The shining silky and fury coat make Shih Tzu an exclusive pet among the other breeds of dogs. The endearing Shih Tzu coat add cuteness in its appearance thus making it awfully delightful and sweet creature.

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Shih Tzu are of different colors. There is a variety of colors and color combinations from which a person can select the one Shih Tzu he wants. Below are some facts related to the Shih Tzu coat colors.


1. Solid coats:

  • Black: The pure black, shiny coat could be regarded as the most graceful and gorgeous looking Shih Tzu coat.
  • White: Same like black coat, white Shih Tzu is all covered with white fur type hair. White Shih Tzu is irresistibly cute and enchanting.
  • Gold: This color is not totally shimmering gold but more like golden brown hue. In sunlight the color becomes immensely bright and radiant.
  • Silver: Silver Shih Tzu is of sandy grey color with silvery luster, it must not be confused with white coat.
  • Brindle: Brindle colored Shih Tzu’s must be placed in the category of combination coats but due to its deep solid colored first look, it is characterized in the solid coats. The most likable brindle shade is the black-gold brindle.


2. Double Shaded coats: Double shaded coats come mostly in white with another combination of solid color. Other color could be in the form of patches, swatches or streaks. Most of the Shih Tzu’s fall into the category of double shaded coats. Although, Shih Tzu having double shaded coats will have it in quite different styles thus making each double shaded Shih Tzu a unique Shih Tzu.


3. Triple Shaded Coats: Triple shaded coats are the most excitingly looking dogs. This may include any three solid colors mixed together in variant styles. Sometimes three shades are mixed so intricately that you can have difficulty in differentiating.

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