The Shih Tzu Tail, It’s Moods & 25 Secret Ways It Says ‘I Love You’

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The tail of a dog is primarily used for balance while running, as a rudder during swimming, as a communication device to express dog’s emotions. Hence tail is also one component of the body language of the dog, which directly interprets its mood. It is important for a dog’s owner to grow up to be a dog behaviorist as well. A careful observation of the tail will let him know a little bit about his dog’s feelings & to anticipate the action.

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Shih Tzu is called “Tea cup” due to the shape of its tail angled toward the body exactly as the curved handle of the Victorian tea cup.

A most common misconception is that a wagging tail means a pleased dog but this often isn’t the case. A wagging tail must be viewed as a sign of willingness to interact (that the dog is open to interaction), but not of a specific mood (that the dog is friendly). In other words, a wagging tail simply shows that a dog is mentally awakened & involved with what is happening in its environment, not how it will react to the situation.

In order to figure out how a dog might feel beyond “ready to interact”, the rest of its body language must be considered as well.

By observing the tail positions, lot of the time you can pick up some info that how calm it is or how fast its going:

Tail Height: A wagging tail held high often signals eagerness. The height of a wagging tail can also signal a dog’s level of sureness. A higher tail generally means a dog is confident, while a lower tail shows a fearful or tense dog.

It is essential to keep a close eye on a tail held high with wag at just the tip. The tail high above the back indicates high arousal, this dog may interact, but not in a controlled or friendly way. The dog with this type of wagging should be avoided & worked to help it calm down.

Tail Stiffness: Normally, a loose, flowing wag is good, but a stiff wag can communicate tension or anger.

Tail Speed: A fast wag is usually good, but a slow wag typically signals that a dog will not be friendly.

25 Secret Ways Shih Tzu Says ‘I Love You’

This is of great importance to know exactly what your dog is thinking and feeling, thanks to advanced developments in the science of dog communication, which has discovered the exceptional ways of the dogs that how they express their love for humans & now you can easily identify your dog’s love for you

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These are indirect signs & through these your dog proves its love for you:

  1. Wakes you up.
  1. Smiles at you.
  1. Shouts extraordinarily at your arrival in home.
  1. Wags its tail strongly to the right side of its body.
  1. Waits at the window while looking sadly out when it senses that you’re coming home.
  1. Reacts confidently to the sound of your voice.

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  1. Makes eye contact with you (look in your eyes).
  1. Licks your face uncontrollably.
  1. Jumps on you, perhaps in a full body slam.
  1. keeps on bringing you it’s favorite toys.

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  1. Takes your knickers, socks, shoes onto the bed with them. just to be near you. Present your visitors with your wearing.
  1. Jumps up begging to be held.
  1. Sometimes pushes your partner out of bed.
  1. Chases the ball you throw in the park.

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  1. Follows you everywhere.
  1. Tries to get in the bath with you.
  1. Gets as close as possible to you.
  1. Wants to sit on your knee at dinner parties, while working & watching TV.

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  1. Gets jealous of anything you pay attention to. It wants all of you & will retell you of this regularly.
  1. Efforts to delight you even when it is ill, with half wave of a tail & expresses love.
  1. Attempts to please you during your illness. Tries to make it improved by lying down next to you, and reflecting your movements.
  1. Nose rubbing. While feeling especially loving towards you, it’ll butt it’s nose with yours.
  1. Yawns when you yawn.
  1. Lifts and wiggles eyebrows.
  1. Watches you leave calmly.
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    Know when your Shih tzu Dog or Puppy really loves you.

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    Understand and speak with your beloved dog in his language, know about its mood (with tail moves) and also if he really loves you! ❤️️????

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