Some Positive and Negative things about Shih Tzu dogs

December 9, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shih Tzu Breed

As we find Shih Tzu dogs are very happy and have sweet nature & cool temperament, yet they carry themselves with proud and show some arrogant bearing nature as well.

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They are very lively and solidly built even though they are less demanding than other dog breeds because they don’t need much exercise. They love to play in yards which is enough workout for them. They are comfort loving, attention gaining breed which enjoy cuddling on laps and snuggling into soft pillows. They are hypoallergenic i.e. sheds less than other breeds, so they are suitable pets for everyone especially for the senior citizens.

Shih Tzus are peaceful and friendly in nature. They are mostly polite with strangers and behave peacefully with other pets too, but for their this trusting temperament socialization is very important.

With aristocratic demeanor, Shih Tzus are a bit stubborn and have definite likes and dislikes which make them a little difficult to handle, but after some training they become easy.

Sometimes some Shih Tzu dog’s respiratory system become compromised due to smaller face and air passage. So one should avoid smoking near them and keep them away from allergenic pollens.


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