Some Basic Facts about Shih Tzu Nature

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Shih Tzu is the cutest creatures on earth and no one could restrain himself from buying an extremely adorable dog like Shih Tzu. You are viewing this page because you are probably thinking of buying this dog and you must want to know something extraordinarily amazing about Shih Tzu breed.

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We have listed below some facts about Shih Tzu that you will find interesting and surprising:


Shih Tzu Behavior: Shih Tzu dogs are considered as the love bundles. They are highly friendly, expressive and interactive pets that get attached to humans very quickly. Their happening nature always makes them a perfect companion at home and outside. It is a buddy that will refresh you with its cute appearance and entertaining activities. They get so involved with their owner that they will also love those people for whom the owner has a great attachment. This nature of Shih Tzu that make this creature even more lovable.


Energy Levels: The energy level of Shih Tzu changes with its mood, sometimes it will love to run, climb, jump and sometimes it will just be lounging in one corner of the house and gazing outside the window. When you feel that Shih Tzu is becoming lazy then always offer Shih Tzu some special care and attention in the form of cuddling, play time or a short exercise session. Playing and cuddling is immensely important in order to build a strong bond with your dog.


Friendly with people of all ages: Shih Tzu is the best breed of dogs in socializing and making friends. They are regarded as the friend of all. Shih Tzu has a special bonding nature for almost all age groups. They are the best friends and companions of kids, elderly and young people. They are not at all aggressive and do not get easily annoyed especially if kids are irritating, Shih Tzu will still be caring, fun loving and forgiving.

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