Is Shih Tzu the Dog you have always wanted & Is it the perfect choice?

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Choosing a pet dog  is a very important and vital decision one has to make. Don’t make this decision abruptly as you will have to live with it for a lifetime. Just because you find someone’s dog pretty doesn’t mean you go ahead and buy it. This is a huge decision.

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Do researches beforehand; like what do you like in your dog and what you don’t want in it? I would recommend you to make a pro and con list of various breeds. Then select your future dog or pet. Many people find Shih Tzu quite adorable and cute and we would guide you why it’s a perfect match for you?


Pros:  If You love small animals? Then Shih Tzu is the perfect breed for you. They are quite small in size yet very strong. In addition to that, you won’t have to take it out for walks or exercises that much.

Moreover it doesn’t like playing with toys too. This breed of dog is even friendly with random strangers and don’t mind the company of other dogs. The fact that it sheds less hair compared to others may be interesting for you. Its hairs are very manageable.

Wealthy enough to dole out cash to a professional for your dog’s over prized haircut? Then go ahead and buy this breed. This breed requires a haircut every other month. Love spending time with your dog and showing them off at various events? Then this is the right dog for you!


Cons: Shih Tzu is a very moody dog and it all depends on their attitude. In addition to that these dogs require a lot of grooming and training. It’s a big challenge to find one healthy Shih Tzu so be observant & further this breed requires a lot of visits to the vet so be prepared.

  1. ShihTzu said on January 22, 2017 11:50 pm:

    Is shih-tzu the right dog for you or not?

  2. ShihTzu said on February 17, 2017 10:55 pm:

    Is lovely Shih-tzu ??? Dog or Puppy perfect for you?

  3. Patti Adams said on April 8, 2017 8:30 pm:

    I love my Shih Tzu but very true about moody lol

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