Heat cycle of the Shih Tzu

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Learning about the heat cycle of the Shih Tzu is important if you are planning to breed the dog or do not want to breed them. Like all the other dogs, this stage is also encountered by Shih Tzu’s too, and this cycle is repeated as well. If you do not want their pups, then you should get your Shih Tzu’s spayed as soon as possible. If you want your dog to reproduce, then look for signs that show that your dog is ready to mate.

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bradmontgomery/9484101102

Primary and secondary phase: The Shih Tzu’s will go in heat for five months. Like humans and other animals, the starting five months will have a bit of alteration.When the Shih Tzu goes into heat, there is light bleeding. The quantity of the bleeding differs with the breed. The genital area of the dog may also swell, but this only lasts for some weeks. The dog may also feel pain and discomfort, but there is nothing to worry about as it is very much normal and happens with dogs. This is a sign of them growing into adulthood. When this phase is going on, your knowledge about dogs will expand a great deal. Dogs can sense bitches in heat and may try to interact with them as well while females will ignore them.

Third phase: In this phase, females will pay attention to the male dogs to search for the males who acquire potential. This stage can be noticed when the bleeding stops and instead of the bleeding; small yellow dots can be found around the house. During this, the females may show attention towards their counterparts.

Last phase: It lasts for few months, but this is where it all ends. This happens two times in a year. The last months are when you can breed them. If you do, it will instantly start to show.

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