9 Things You Should Do If You Are a Shih Tzu Parent

April 26, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shih Tzu Breed

Things to do for Shihtzu Parents

After adopting a Shih Tzu you indirectly become a parent to an extremely cute and sweet creature. Being a caring parent you have to be really concerned about your immensely sensitive puppy. In order to be a concerned caretaker, you have to take care of your Shih Tzu’s health, safety, and overall well-being. Here we have suggested nine tips that will guide you to become the best caretaker and best parent of your puppy.

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  1. Train Your Shih Tzu

No doubt Shih Tzu is a great pet and makes a friendly companion but this could be really disturbing if your Shih Tzu behaves inappropriately. Being a caretaker you are responsible for teaching the right behavior to your Shih Tzu such as biting, chewing and barking.

2. Don’t Leave Your Pet in the Car

It happens sometimes that you are unable to take the pet inside the store while buying grocery. It is advised to never leave the pet inside the car as it could seriously harm its health. It could be overheated or it may fall ill. Take your pet with you or leave it at home.

3. Regular Medical Care

Owning a Shih Tzu means that you should have sufficient budget to cater the medical needs of Shih Tzu. Proper medical care is a very important factor of Shih Tzu health. Must undergo a monthly medical exam for your pet even if it seems apparently healthy.

4. Feeding Your Pet the Right Food

Must be careful while buying dog food. Make it your practice to check the ingredients while selecting any dog food. You can get the recommendation of dog food from the veteran that will help your dog achieve ideal health.

5. Identification Tags

Remember there are always chances of losing your pet especially if you are outside. Despite being the best parent you could lose your dog. To avoid any such situation, you should always take your dog outside with an identification tag.

6. Avoid Dangerous Toys

Shih Tzu is soft, delicate and a fragile breed and love to play with different sort of toys. Therefore, it is necessary to provide your dog with all toys it likes but make sure that these toys are safe for it and doesn’t harm in any case.

7. Exercise with Your Pet

Take your dog regularly for an exercise session or walk. Outdoor exercise in the early morning is something very necessary for the health of your pet. Never overlook this important activity in the daily schedule of your dog.

8. Make Sure That Your Shih Tzu Doesn’t Escape

In case you placed your Shih Tzu in the back yard then make sure that it is safe there and there is no space for escape. Always keep your dog on a leash and also undergo other necessary precautions for the safety of the dog.

9. Find out Its Likes and Dislikes

Shih Tzus are highly moody and they will never eat what they don’t like and you should also never try them to force them. Never force or expect your Shih Tzu to do something that it dislikes.


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