The Facts: What Shih Tzu are loved for ?

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The worldwide demand of charming Shih Tzu dog shows that they are considered as the most adorable breed of dogs that people mostly aspire for. People all around the world love to have a cute and marvelous looking Shih Tzu dog in their homes. This awesome dog was first bred in a Chinese Royal family during Ming Dynasty. Shih Tzu has so many unique characteristics that makes it a worth keeping pet. It’s cute small face, captivating eyes, expressive body language, fury stature and naughty intelligent nature, all makes it an irresistible pet.

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Following are the nine amazing facts due to which Shih Tzu are most loved for:


  • Friendly Companion Dogs: Shih Tzu are not meant to be aggressive and guarding. Shih Tzu’s nature is love seeking and love giving. Shih Tzu Dogs make best companions by following its owners wherever they go and whatever they do.


  • Accommodative: Shih Tzu love to be in a safe and comfortable environment. Due to their comfort loving nature they become quickly accustomed to the home environment and also get attached with the family members better than other dogs.


  • Highly friendly and interactive: Shih Tzu are like human kids and they also love to be treated like that. They become very friendly with children and love to play naughty games with kids and even with other dogs. They have very peaceful and playful nature.


  • Sensitive to Heat: Shih Tzu has thick fur that keeps it warm every time. Due to the thick hair covering whole body Shih Tzu are more at risk of getting heat stroke that’s why they need to be kept in cool places particularly in extreme hot season.


  • Gorgeous Fur: Shih Tzu dogs are mostly venerated for their gorgeously soft and silky fur that makes it an exceedingly cute creature on earth. However, this elegant fur needs regular care in the form of brush and cleaning.


  • Snoring: Shih Tzu snore like humans that makes an addition in their cuteness.


  • Oldest Breed of Dogs: Research shows that Shih Tzu dogs are one of the oldest breed of dogs. Shih Tzu breed is considered as ancient as the 8000BC.


  • Multiple names: History shows that Shih Tzu name is derived from a Tibetan word meaning “Lion Dog”. Also the Shih Tzu has been known as Chrysanthemum dog due to its fury stature like fluffy petals of flower.


  • Shih Tzu Myths: There are several myths linked with the existence of Shih Tzu. It is believed that Buddha used to carry a Shih Tzu dog with him. It was believed that if owner of Shih Tzu is in trouble then Shih Tzu dog has some superficial power to transform into a lion and save its owner from the trouble. Also the white spot on its head is believed to be Buddha’s kiss.

Despite the numerous interesting facts related to the unique existence of Shih Tzu dog, one thing is obvious that Shih Tzu is an exceptional breed of dogs that is irresistible and outstanding.

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