6 Problems faced by Shih Tzu Owners only

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Having Shih Tzu as a pet is fun and amusement. Shih Tzu are awesomely smart dogs but at the same time they have a nature that consistently seek love, pampering and affection. If at any time you become ignorant to these needs of Shih Tzu then be ready to face stubborn reaction from your love seeking pet.

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There is nothing to get worried and troubled about such behavior of this wonderful breed of dogs. Shih Tzu are the companion dogs and nothing is more important for a friendly and cheerful Shih Tzu then following its owner wherever they go and whatever they do.


Below are 6 problems only a Shih Tzu owner can relate and understand:


Shih Tzu are the companion dogs who will never let you do anything alone. This creaky nature of dog will sometime make you feel irritated especially when you won’t be able to have lunch or dinner alone. There will be eyes consistently staring at you and making cute faces while you are enjoying your food.



Shih Tzu has amazing behavioral instincts. It can easily make you feel apologized for your neglecting behavior. It will express its resentment in such an adorable way that within seconds you will be feeling guilty for ignoring the little delicate pet.



After owning a Shih Tzu pet you will never get a chance to sleep alone in your bed. Shih Tzu pets consider themselves as your all day companion and they take it as their right to be with you every time at every place.



These wonderful dogs will never miss a chance to amaze you with their charming and charismatic poses.



If Shih Tzu suddenly start to urinate inside home, then it’s time to take your Dog to veterinarian.



Shih Tzu’s eyes are immensely expressive to melt your hearts. You can’t resist these innocently communicative eyes.

Majority of Shih Tzu’s are wise and well-mannered smart dogs but at the same time they can develop some irritating behaviors. Don’t get annoyed on them, just treat with love and attention and give some obedience training sessions to overcome such behavioral issues.

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