Tips about picking the best name for Shih Tzu

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Naming Your Shih Tzu is the most imperative task after buying it. You spend too much time in approaching the right pet shop or a breeder and then keep visiting for several days to choose from number of dogs at the shop and after you brought your Shih Tzu at home, giving it the most suitable and classy name is a serious matter for you. All you want is to call your pet with the most unique and likeable name in the universe.

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You can’t name your dog impressively unless you do sufficient research and consider some important factors in mind. Below mentioned are few elements to be kept in mind while naming a Shih Tzu.


  • Name must be short: Dogs are unable to recognize longer names for them so always choose a short and easy name. Two syllables are ideal or in case of a longer name, devise a shorter version as a nick. Nice and cute names will always be getting votes.


  • Sharp pitched name is recommended: It’s easy for the dogs to remember names with sharp tones especially in end. Words that usually end on k, ch, sh, ksh are recommended.


  • Name must be unique and easy as well: The most appropriate name is the one you usually use in your daily routine. You can slant the word and make it unique but never use verbs and complex words that confuse the dog. Also not use words that have common rhyming words. For instance, word ‘Bo’ can easily be confused with ‘go’.


  • Avoid embarrassing names: Do not use any word that you feel ashamed of calling in public. Your dog will be accompanying you in public so, use a name that is not abusive or considered disgraceful in public. Also avoid most common names that many other dogs could also have when you are in public.


  • Name your Dog according to its looks: The most acceptable and effective way to name a dog is according to its any particular manner, prominent feature, habit or any exceptional behavior it has. Naming rightly your beloved pet will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction and contentment.

You will be proud of your pet that is owned and named by you. This is from where a sympathetic and compassionate relation between a cute dog and owner will start to instigate.

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    Simple tips for naming your Shih-tzu Breed Dog or Puppy.

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