Tips regarding taking good care of Shih Tzu Puppies

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There is no doubt that Shih Tzu are the cutest and loveliest dogs. It is true that people have other preferences but Shih Tzu are ranked the best of all. Shih Tzu is a breed of dogs that is a bit delicate and intricate therefore, need appropriate care. Below explained are five key points that must be endorsed while caring a Shih Tzu.

  • Training must be Interesting: Shih Tzu are quick learners. They would try their best to learn everything you teach them. It’s because they are remarkably keen to please you and they know very well that through obedience they can master the heart of their owners. The Shih Tzu puppies are wise intelligent dogs that react to almost every training in a pleasing way. Training a Shih Tzu is a fun filled activity for the owner too. But remember you also have to be passionate and gentle while training these sensitive puppies that can easily get demoralized with scolding and punishments. Making your puppy upset will also affect its health so always be encouraging and sympathetic.


  • Grooming is must: Shih Tzu are blessed by nature with incomparable prettiness that obviously needs grooming and maintenance. Their silky thick fur regularly needs to be cleansed and combed and for this you must have a grooming wardrobe for Shih Tzu if you also have a good aesthetic sense. You can use various hair accessories for styling Shih Tzu fur in a more dazzling way.


  • Allow Socialization: Shih Tzu are like kids and they love to play and have fun. If you try to isolate your puppy, it will affect their mental growth and with passage of time they will become nervous and shy while communicating with people. So, always allow your puppy to socialize and breathe in open environment.


  • Intense care in summers: Shih Tzu are heat sensitive due to their warm fur. It is obligatory to keep Shih Tzu in air conditioned or cool environment in intense hot weather.


  • Workout is essential: Shih Tzu are not made for vigorous workout routine but moderate exercise session is also essential to keep the puppy active and healthy. Daily walk for 20 minutes is suggested.

There are many other recommendations for caring a Shih Tzu in an appropriate way that include regular checkup from a veterinarian, balanced diet, vaccinations, brushing teeth and caring for specific appetites of Shih Tzu are all important if you want to keep your dog happy and playful.

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    Helpful tips regarding how to take care of precious and lovely Shih-tzu Puppies. ???

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