5 Things That You Are Free To Do In Front of Your Shih Tzu

December 26, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shih Tzu Breed

Dogs are amazing friends and loving companions. Especially, Shih Tzu breed is immensely loving even if it has no reason to. They just love you for being their owners and caretakers. They will still love you even if you are looking horrible or you are behaving foolishly or you are just a piece of scrap at home. They will remain thankful, expressive, loving, caring and always happy for you.

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If you are in your crazy and lazy mood and want the freedom to live that silly mood then don’t get bothered by the presence of Shih Tzu. Following are few things that you can freely do before your loving pet:


  1. Be Original in Dressing:

It’s absolutely fine to be original in front of Shih Tzu. If you are not in the mood to dress up formally and just want to be original in your comfortable casual dress then you can definitely enjoy that casual mood without bothering the presence of Shih Tzu.


  1. Watch Freely:

With your cuddle buddy in your lap, don’t get conscious of watching anything controversial. Shih Tzu never cares what’s happening around the world until they are getting love and attention. You can be in your worst form in front of Shih Tzu without being judged.


  1. Lazy You:

Shih Tzu will even love the lazy being of you. Shih Tzu will take it as an honor to be with you in your leisure time and it will try to please you with its obedient and cheerful nature. You can freely eat, sleep, cuddle and watch with your dog fellow inside the house.


  1. Sleep In:

You can enjoy a deep slumber as long as you wish. Shih Tzu will not bother you at all if it is provided with enough food. The moment you left your dog hungry in the home, Shih Tzu will start bothering you and could also get disappointed by your ignorance.


  1. Say Anything:

If you are in a bad mood and shouted with anger in front of Shih Tzu, don’t feel guilty. Shih Tzu will not cry due to this, it will listen to you quietly and will keep loving you the same way as before. That’s why they are the best companion puppies.

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    Things That You Are Free To Do In Front of Your Shih Tzu Dog.

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