5 Shih Tzu Diet Essentials

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Shih Tzu is an exciting breed and requires a considerable attention regarding the diet. Shih Tzu are energetic, therefore eat more quantity of food. Their nature is very lively and pleading that make them greatly curious about different tastes of foods. Remember, Each Shih Tzu Dog is unique in its nature.

Not all Shih Tzu Pet owners are aware of appropriate diet essentials of these Flabby Dogs. Shih Tzu amazingly express their food cravings by making endearing faces. They love to get additional food treats. Food is pleasure for Shih Tzu, that’s why the owner usually couldn’t resist before the cuteness of these Dogs when they ask for food treats. But since you own this furry creature, you should be fully aware of its apposite care particularly the nutritional needs.

Below mentioned are some key points you should know before feeding rightly your adorable Shih Tzu pet.

1. Leave water near Shih Tzu to keep it hydrated: Although Shih Tzu are sturdy dogs but at the same time they have small nostrils that are not supporting enough to stay Shih Tzu cool. Shih Tzu should preferably be provided with filtered and fresh water all the time near them. These Dogs aspire for Luxuries and stay really happy when provided with comfort and pampering all time. That’s why they are the perfect pets for those who live alone.

2. Expert opinion is must before giving Supplements: Never do self-medication for Shih Tzu pets. A huge variety of supplements available in market usually confuse when it comes to add some extra nutrition to Shih Tzu pet. Always consult a veteran before adding any supplement in Dog’s diet. Never mix two supplements. This could have drastic impact.

3. Every Shih Tzu Dog has different Nutritional Need: Every Shih Tzu is unique in its demands regarding food and nutrition. Some are more active thus need more healthy food while others have thick skin or long hair that needs to be maintained with the addition of supplements. There are veterans or consultants who can assist you dealing with such issues. Mostly these dogs need protein rich diet accompanied with omega fatty acids and vitamin C.

4. Stainless Steel utensil must be used for Feeding: Shih Tzu Dogs are highly vulnerable to red yeast infections. The infection usually transfer through their face when it is left moist after eating and drinking. Their skin is sensitive to chemicals. Chemicals in plastic containers often leave marks on their faces. Therefore, stainless steel feeding container is suggested to use for feeding purpose.

5. Overfeeding leads to Obesity: Shih Tzu as mentioned before is a luxury lover dog. Overfeeding can make this Dog more obese and lazy. They are not used to strenuous sports and brisk walks and they love to rest on comfy Sofas all day long. Excessive food treats can make Shih Tzu overweight leading to musculature problems in old age.

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