5 Reasons to Buy a Shih Tzu from a Breeder

December 13, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shih Tzu Breed

Shih Tzu are irrefutably adorable dogs in the whole world. They have cute appearance and awesome gestures that can catch attention and patronage within seconds. Nobody could restrain oneself from getting amazed with the charm of this cute creature on earth.

People are usually very much vigilant when buying a Shih Tzu and for this purpose some people look for reliable Dog breeders while some directly go to the shops and sellers.

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If you are very much concerned to buy a purebred Shih Tzu then the best advice for you is to reach a reliable breeder that is the best option due to below mentioned facts:


  • Certainty: Getting Shih Tzu through a breeder is a good choice because in this case you are obvious about the looks of the puppy as you will be able to see the parents of Shih Tzu and the traits transferred to the puppy will obviously resemble with parents. So, there is a greater certainty of looks in this situation whereas Shih Tzu bought from a pet shop could have change in its looks as it grows.


  • They are Responsible and caring: Breeders are generally considered to be more caring towards the health of puppy because the more good breed they produce, the more they will be paid off from the customer. Other than money, the majority of breeders also have emotional attachment with their dogs that’s why they usually sell their dog after asking you several questions. It’s because they want their dogs to be in good & safe hands.
  • Knows the right time to sell: Breeders are aware of the right time when the puppy is able to adjust itself independently in a new environment.


  • Breeders groom puppies: Breeders are also well aware of the habits of different puppies because, the puppies are born there so the breeder and the puppies have a strong attachment. Due to the strong bonding the breeders are good trainers and they teach puppies to stay calm, well mannered, sweet and keep them healthy.


  • Breeders are good Advisors: Breeders being the experienced caretakers of the puppies are the expert advisors because they are aware of the nature of every puppy brought up by them therefore, they can give appropriate advises and suggest right possible ways by which a puppy could be well trained.

Based on above mentioned facts, breeders are the best option to buy a purebred Shih Tzu. If you succeed in finding a reliable breeder then probably you will be having a Shih Tzu that you truly dream for.

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    Why you should buy Shih tzu only from a Breeder?

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