40 Unique Names for your Shih Tzu

December 13, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shih Tzu Breed

Shih Tzu owners usually treat their Dogs like their babies and not pets that’s why they always try to call their Shih Tzu with unique names that resembles human names. Like human Babies Shih Tzu are also cute and love seeking and usually the names given by Shih Tzu owners are based on any prominent feature of the Shih Tzu like fury soft hair, big brown eyes or small size etc.

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It also sounds wise to call things with the names that suits them best. So, choosing an appropriate name for the cute Shih Tzu is a very important task for the pet owner.


Shih Tzu once given name by the owners also start knowing themselves with that name and they really love to be called by their owner with that particular name. Although selecting a unique and classy name for your Shih Tzu needs plenty of research and suggestions but we are here providing you with a list of 40 names that are unique, catchy and classy too.

  1. Fury
  2. Cathy
  3. Debby
  4. Dora
  5. Casper
  6. Comfy
  7. Lilly
  8. Bliss
  9. Adorlee
  10. Devil
  11. Cheeky
  12. Champ
  13. Brody
  14. Allura
  15. Crystal
  16. Tango
  17. Gordy
  18. Bubao
  19. Fawla
  20. Ellac
  21. Angel
  22. Dozay
  23. Embery
  24. Ellet
  25. Aeri
  26. Fuzzy
  27. Breezo
  28. Ciarai
  29. Austin
  30. Bebey
  31. Adello
  32. Fyto
  33. ChaCha
  34. Lazo
  35. Bella
  36. Cubby
  37. Dixie
  38. Fifi
  39. Barley
  40. Bucy
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