11 Interesting Hobbies of Shih Tzu Dogs

December 21, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shih Tzu Breed

1. Food: Shih Tzu’s love to have food treats. Food is a symbol of festivity for Shih Tzu dogs. They become grateful to the owner for providing food treats and they are very communicative in expressing their gratitude towards the owner that you will love to see a Shih Tzu enjoying its food treat.

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/aon/3034677965

2. Stuffed Toys: Shih Tzu’s are extremely fond of playing with soft toys. Shih Tzu are also soft and fluffy that’s why they like to play with the warm and furry toys that also feels warm like them. Shih Tzu’s spends awesome playtime with stuffed toys.


3. Sleeping: Shih Tzu’s are comfort loving creatures and wherever they find their best comfort, they will not lose a chance to sleep and have a doze. They also snore like humans while enjoying a deep sleep but they look cute while doing this.

4. Sleeping with toys: Another most favorite hobby of Shih Tzu is to sleep with toys. It’s because they usually spend an energetic time with toys and after getting tired they sleep with them.

5. Cuddling: Shih Tzu has natural desire for getting pampered and cuddled. They are just like kids so they also need frequent pampering and cuddling to feel loved and cared.


6. Flying: Shih Tzu are fond of flying and for this they often try to jump from trees, slabs, sofas, tables and other such places, so be careful.

7. Playing with balls: They play with balls in an awesome way that the viewer gets entertained with the lovely playful sight.

8. Visiting beaches: Shih Tzu like to stay in natural ambiance like parks and beaches where they can enjoy warmth and freedom.


9. Snow: Like soft toys, balls and other things, snow is also very exciting for Shih Tzu. Shih love to embrace themselves with snow and at that time they look like cute white teddy bears.

10. Climbing: Shih Tzu are fond of climbing trees and indoor furniture items. They are of small size and can reach at such places very easily. Climbing usually gives them a feeling of accomplishment.

11. Looking through the window: Staring outside the window and observe moving things outside is also an entertaining activity for Shih Tzu.

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    Amazing hobbies of Shih tzu breed 🙂

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