10 Signs of Aging Every Shih Tzu Owner Needs To Look For

January 8, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shih Tzu Breed

Mostly the pet owners ignore the signs of aging in their dogs and expect from them the same energy and vigor. If you have accurate knowledge of the symptoms of aging in your dog, then you could better understand the changes in your dog. You will be able to cater the needs and health problems in your dog with good knowledge and information.

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In order to make you vigilant regarding the aging signs, we have provided here 10 signs of aging that every dog owner must read and understand.


1. Not responsive to your commands:

It will happen sometimes that your Shih Tzu will be non-responsive to your instructions. This is one of the most visible and obvious sign of aging in the dogs. It’s due to the fact that the hearing sense of dogs gets declined with aging.
2. Weight gain

As the dog ages the metabolic rate gets slower due to which dogs gain weight. Take care of the Dog’s diet when you observe such weight gain.

3. Slowing down

You will observe lack of energy and activeness in your dog. This sign also signifies towards aging. You will find your dog facing difficulty in physical activities like running, climbing and exercising.

4. Hair loss

Hair loss is visible with the aging process in dogs. This issue can be dealt with the help of vet.


5. Lumps

Your dog will start having lumps that will be visible in dogs with short hair.

6. Problem getting up

Getting up in the early morning will become difficult for the Shih Tzu. They would feel lethargic due to the changes in their metabolic system.

7. Cloudy eyes

Cloudy eyes will become visible in an aging Shih Tzu. Such a symptom should be taken seriously and proper medication should be provided.


8. Frequent bathroom breaks

The Shih Tzu will feel more need to excrete and urinate when it’s getting old.

9. Works at a slow pace

You will observe your Shih Tzu refusing to do something you ask for the first time. Dogs lose their responsiveness while getting old.

10. Bad breath

If Shih Tzu start having bad breathe frequently, it is the obvious sign of aging.



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