Why is your Shih Tzu having frequent Vomits? Digging in the reasons

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Why does my dog throw up?

It’s quite painful to see an animal or a human throw up but it’s quite a normal problem occurring once or twice a year. Eating something containing virus or bacteria makes a dog throw up and one should expect once or twice vomiting in a year. If your dog throws up quite often like once or twice a month so it’s something you should be worried and careful of. Medical attention and advice are required in order to control this havoc situation or else things will get worst. Dog owners couldn’t make assumptions that their dog is okay if he is vomiting twice or once a month.


Reasons why dog vomits?

It would be quite easy if there would be one significant reason for vomiting but this isn’t the case. Vomiting occurs due to many reasons and they vary with your type of pet including their eating habits, digestive system, routine medical checkups and etc. Shih Tzu has one prominent disease which makes them vomit unexpectedly, inflammatory bowel disease (IBL). Inflammatory bowel disease makes the lining of stomach and tract of intestinal flame so that food can’t be kept down for long making your dog throw up often.


Treatment needed for fighting this disease?

Having a professional opinion is very important so as soon as you see regular vomiting in your dog just take them to vet. Vet would make sure he is aware of the dog’s diet, his activity and the amount of times he throws ups. It’s hard to find the specific reason for regular vomiting but mostly it’s due to irregularities and changes in routine. Dog undergoes urine, blood tests, and X-rays so that a total physical report could be made by the vet. If the reason behind vomiting is found so a paying visit to the vet is fruitful and a good relationship with the vet would be beneficial for the dog owner and dog.


Vomiting Dog

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    Some possible reason why your Shih Tzu is having frequent Vomits?

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