The Most Common Eye Problems in Shih Tzu

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Shih Tzu breed have big & expressive eyes in three different colors, most common are dark brown eyes, Liver colored Shih Tzu has green eyes & blue eyes are very rare. The Shih Tzu eyes can easily catch disease; maximum of the eye complications can only be prevented through the thorough care. Shih Tzu’s  eye care is quite easy and fast, but should be done on daily basis so  make it’s  eye care a priority & include it in your daily timetable.

Observing The Eyes & Responding:

  • In order to observe Shih Tzu’s eyes, you need a flashlight/torch & a magnifying glass in order to conclude rightly for any problem.
  • Be suspicious of the eye problem with your Shih Tzu if it is blinking eyes continually, not opening eyes, squinting, dodging light, patting face, too much tearing, has redness around the eye whites & bleeding.
  • You must call the closest emergency veterinary clinic, as Shih Tzu’s eye problem can be an infection or a disease that reasons complete blindness.
  • Eye infections are the most common problems in Shih Tzu resulting from allergies, bacteria or virus or when foreign objects such as dirt, sand etc. enter the eyes.

Cleaning Eyes:

Daily clean the eyes to remove any gunk that gathers. Also clean below the eyes to reduce the amount of tear stains. Use a clean washcloth soaked with warm water & sponge softly from the corner of the eye outwards & repeat until the removal of all debris. Each time use the clean surfaces of the washcloth. Use a fine toothed comb If the tears got hardened & trim the hair near eyes.

Protecting  Eyes:

  • Dust is likely to irritate its eyes. Try to keep it in door when there are sand storms & don’t let it stand in the open window of the moving car.
  • Be careful not to let the shampoo or other dog cosmetic products to enter its eyes.
  • Regularly trim the hair around the eyes.
  • Don’t take your Shih Tzu to woods.
  • Don’t let your Shih Tzu fight with other dogs. As a bite on face can damage an eye.

The Short faced Shih Tzu have large, outward curved eyes & shallow eye sockets, so can encounter some different eye problems as below:

  • Corneal ulcers
  • Cataracts
  • Entropion
  • Epiphoria

Corneal ulcers are caused in dog by wind, rubbing its eyes with its paws, due to any foreign object that entered the socket of the eye & the abnormal eyelashes.

The layers of the cornea (Clear shiny membrane defending the eye) rupture & the eye’s fluids leak out.  The most common reason is rubbing eyes on the mat, carpet or other surface, a scratch or irritation from shampoo. Bacterial and viral infections Other causes could be other reasons. Treatment differs, but ulcers are curable with medication.

A cataract is a dense cloudiness that affects the eye lens (loss of transparency). Vision gets very less & the effects can range from minor damage to blindness.  Cataracts are considered mainly genetic, but can also be related with old age, diabetes, other retinal diseases.

The veterinarian uses of an ophthalmoscope to see the Cataracts & can be removed surgically

Entropion occurs due to the inwards turning of one or both of the eyelids & the eyelashes irritate the eyeball. It may be an inherited defect of the eyelids or be caused due to injury or lingering infections.  This eye problem requires surgical correction.

Epiphora is also called as “watery eye” or excessive tearing. This condition occurs to shih Tzu because of its short face & when the tear ducts do not drain correctly. Infections can also cause Epiphora.  It becomes mostly a cosmetic issue especially for light colored or white Shih Tzu, noticeable tear stains are seen.

Eye Ulcer

Cataract developing in one eye of Shih Tzu

Epiphoria cause Tear Stains


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