Some Health Tips to abide by for your Shih Tzu

December 13, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Health and Care

Maintaining Shih Tzu health can be very difficult and problematic.  Here we will brief you about some ways and tips to maintain their health.

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Attention: You should give special attention to Shih Tzu hair as they are huge. It requires daily and constant brushing. Their hair quickly form mats which if you don’t care about on time can become a great catastrophe. How so you may think? Well these mats are the reason behind skin inflammation and dermatitis.


Too Sensitive: This breed is very delicate and sensitive so they can’t last in long and extreme weathers. They even expect a lot from the owner. Why are they so sensitive? Well because their skin and hair are very thin which makes it hard for them to stand harsh weathers. In addition to that their short muzzles make it very hard to breathe in such severe winters and summers.


Less Exercise: Folks this breed just love being lazy and can do with slight exercise. All they need is five to ten minute walk or any small exercise. So basically they are very easy when it comes to happiness and even their maintenance is very little.


Sensitive Eyes: This breed has a very possibility to get irritation and dryness in the eyes. Even their faces are filled with hairs. Due to which the owner has to be super careful and take special care of the eyes. How can one do that? Well for starters don’t let the hair cover the eyes and always have an eye rinse in the house. Keeping this lubricant in summer and winters is a must.


Needy Dogs: This breed can be very emotionally and physically demanding. If you plan on buying this breed be prepared for a lifetime of clinginess. If you ignore them one day then be ready to experience a lot of mood swings and even depression at times.

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