Importance Of Exercise For Your Shih Tzu

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It is quite important that animals are in good health as it is important for humans. Shih Tzu needs to be trained for regular workout which would help him to be healthy, agile and protected.

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In addition to these all advantages there are many more too, for example regular workout would increase their life span. Workout is essential but there is no need of intensive workout as it would leave negative impact on them. Dogs residing in urban areas are away from their owners for hours as they are away for their jobs. Shih Tzu is one the friendliest and fun loving dogs who is very easy to handle and adjust with.


The easiest way of making a dog exercise is making him/her walk. Shih Tzu is hesitant with the wooden environment so they prefer walking on roads or side pathways because of their small size. Bathing is essential if you make your dog exercise outdoor but Shih Tzu has a smaller mouth as compared to other dogs so that’s why he prefers to stay indoors and exercise indoors too.

You have to keep in mind the type of dog you have because the type of exercise routine depends on it.


Deciding the right duration and type of exercise is very important and a ten-minute exercise aren’t counted as an exercise. Exercise should be useful and less than three workouts a week are not listed as a useful exercise. Bonding between dog and owner is very essential and once a day workout is very important for making your dog value its own abilities.


Younger Shih Tzu would be exhausted if made to work out more than one hour and it’s harmful for them so it’s advisable to make them work out for not more than one hour. Healthy and active life requires a regular workout routine whether it’s a dog or a human.

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