Salutary Treats for Shih Tzu’s – what to be prefered and what not ?

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Giving animals treats is like giving them a present, it enlightens them. But it should be kept in mind to select the perfect treat that may not harm the dog. Some products might be robbing you off behind its grand name. Nowadays, people buy for Shih Tzu’s a lot. Sometimes unknowingly they purchase products that may harm to the dog’s health. So some points should be kept in mind while choosing the products for Shih Tzu.


Too much sugary foods can cause obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay. This is why it is important to limit the intake of sugary foods. KEEP AWAY FROM BY PRODUCTS By-products are made from remains of animals. People think they are not much harmful, but these products can be a major reason for some deadly diseases in Shih Tzu.


Sometimes; we may unknowingly give our Shih Tzu the products that may be injurious to their health that is why it is important to read the labels and descriptions. If we do not understand the product, there is always necessary information given on the back of the products. If we make this a routine, it will help us in the long run.



These products are one of the main reasons for food allergies in dogs, so it is important to consult the vet, if these products should be included in the diet of the dogs or not.

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    Selecting the best salutary treats for your lovely Shih-tzu Breed Dogs and Puppies.

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