How To Keep Energy Level Of Your Shih Tzu Up

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Similar to humans, Shih Tzu also needs to do exercise daily. Just because they are small it doesn’t mean they don’t require daily stretching. A dog owner must provide them with such a place. Despite their soft and delicate look they also like to play in dirt like every other animal. For example your dog starts acting crazy inside the house it’s telling you to take it outside and let it play a little.


This exercise is beneficial for both their body and mind. As these dogs have sensitive stomachs one must be very careful while feeding them; have full knowledge about their allergies and give them healthy food only. If your dog’s stomach is upset very often or for a long time period take him to a vet immediately so the doctor suggests you a special brand for breed food. In order to keep them happy and active go for yearly checkups at least. Your primary goal must be to make them happy. To fulfill this purpose go to a veterinarian- professional help.

Neutering, micro chipping, vaccination, external and internal parasites monitoring come under the common procedures carried by a veterinarian.


Health Issues:

This breed of dogs has a lot of health issues. One of the most common issues of all is eye problems like Progressive Retinal Atrophy. This may lead to blindness as bilateral retina degenerates. What are the symptoms to look for? Well if your dog can’t spot its toys or keeps on bumping into things that’s your cue. In addition to that, if your dog shows signs of loss of self-esteem than this is a severe cue. Moreover they also have back pain and disk problems. Even though most of the veterinarians’ consider back issues as genetic but it doesn’t mean you overlook them and don’t act when it sustain an injury. How do you prevent from such incidents? Well for starters don’t let them jump from huge heights and also keep them fit.

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