How To Understand When Your Shih Tzu Needs Medical Assistance

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There might be some days when your Shih Tzu is not as playful as it is on the other days. You might notice that it is lazy or is acting strangely. As you own the pet, no one better than you can understand what your pet is feeling or its needs.

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If your dog does not have the ability to speak and tell what it is going through, you must need to notice its behavior and changes. Observe the dog when it is fresh and down. You’ll receive the happenings yourself.


HEAT EXHAUSTION: In summers, when the sun is shining to its fullest, the dog might go through this condition. Your dog might experience a rise in its body temperature, and when you touch it, you can feel it warm as if it is burning. It might also have its tongue out of its mouth and saliva. In this condition, the dog must be covered in a cloth which is soaked in cold water.


SENSITIVITY: This condition might be a bit serious as compared to all the others. If not taken proper care, the results might be devastating. The dog’s abdomen might swell. This situation must be taken seriously, and it is a medical emergency. Vomiting can also be experienced.


LOSE BLOOD: If the dog has eaten something which is poisonous, the dog might have to bleed from its mouth and other parts. It must be taken to a doctor or vet. Also, the blood must be cleaned, and a cloth should be used to apply pressure to the area from where the bleeding is happening. The same should be done in the case of an injury.


RESULTS: Vets are very important in emergency situations, but a first aid box might be made to give at least a little support to the dog before taken to the doctor. You must also take note of the changes in the behavior of your pets so that before it gets serious the medical support may be provided.


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