How to Prevent Dry nose Problems in your Shih Tzu

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If you own a Shih Tzu, you might probably know that they have their noses always wet. If you notice that instead of having a wet nose, your Shih Tzu has a parched nose then follow the few tips given below to avoid further problems.

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So before you start taking measures for fixing things, check when your dog woke up from its sleep. Usually, the dog’s nose remains dry half hour after it is up from after its sleep. This is because the Shih Tzu licks its nose when up, while in a deep sleep, it does not.


After doing this, see where your little dog has been laying. For example, in winters, when you have heaters or radiators turned on, the Shih Tzu usually sleeps near the heaters. As expected, the heat providers usually dry out the moisture present on its nose. So it is important to check the point in the house where the dog slept. And once you find out, search for a suitable place for it to sleep to avoid such problems from occurring again.


Another factor that matters is the material of bowl your dog is eating in. Remember to avoid plastic bowls as they have got high colorants which can also be the reason why there is no condensation.  These dyes cause hypersensitivity. So, plastic bowls are not just for the Shih Tzu’s, no matter how attractive and appealing they might seem.


Winters are that time of the year, where you’ll find your dog in your garden and under the sun. Winter is also that time, where dryness and dehydration are common. Sun might be so dangerous, that cracks might appear. So yeah, the sun can be another reason why your dog has a dry nose. Just be aware that the sun is not your Shih Tzu’s friend in winters.

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