Health Challenges that Shih Tzu Dogs face

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When it comes to dogs, Shih Tzu’s are the most famous breeds. People adore Shih Tzu as they look like lions. During Tang and Ming dynasties, they were found in Asia. For Chinese, they carry a lot of importance and regarded as the symbol of deities. For safety reasons, they don’t even trade Shih Tzu. Shih Tzu normally can live up to ten to eighteen years of life. However, this lifespan can be shortened if proper health care is not provided.


They come in many colors like red, silver, brindle, black and blue. If you want a Shih Tzu with two colors then go for a double coat.Shih Tzus are perfect for people having allergies or skin asthma. This breed has a lot of common diseases which you all should be aware of before buying it.

Below I will brief you about all such diseases.


Brachycephalic: If your dog is a brachycephalic then it has a big chance of getting this disease of stenotic nares or also known as snub nose. What is that you may ask?

Well basically in this condition dogs have narrow nostrils and a wide yet short head. If your dog is experiencing this disease then it will has resistive mouth airflow, nose and larynx. Due to this, it can face difficulties in respiration or even their heart get enlarged.


Look out for Luxating Patella too: So basically this occurs when your dog’s kneecap slides out of the groove. This can also happen after a trauma.

Cleft Palate: This is also very common and is identified as a genetic disease. Due to cleft palte the possibility of having sinusitis and pneumonia increases. This is incurable.

Hernia: Umbilical Hernia is a very typical disease in dogs. This can be either inherited or when problems occur during mating.

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    Normal health problems that are faced by cutest Shih Tzu breed.

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