Deworming your Dogs & Puppies

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As the worms are very common in puppies; so it is advised to deworm them primarily when they’re 3 to 4 weeks old. Mostly the worms are passed in the puppy from its mother before birth or afterwards through her milk. This is your first time to visit the vet who will check & on finding the worms presence in your puppy will make two rounds to deworm your puppy by giving the suitable doses. If your puppy had the attack of hookworms, then it may also need blood due to anemia caused by the actions of hook worms that drained blood from the wall of the intestines.

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Take note that the worm free dogs are healthy and feel better. To kill the worms, the medicine is given to the dog either oral or in a shot. It is better to ask the vet for one of the best broad-spectrum dewormers which are poisonous to pests, but safe for pets & are used to treat most of the worms that infect dogs like hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms and whipworms.


At your vets, often you can purchase deworming medication over the counter without any consultation fee.

The finest way to protect your pet from internal parasites is to control the worms’ carrier pests, including fleas and mosquitoes & it is best by keeping your home, yard & lawn clean. this will be good for you also, as some types of worms are transmittable & infect humans.


9-Simple Steps to Ward Off Worms:

  • Let your vet check your dog once a year for all kinds of worms.
  • Let your vet check your puppies three to four times a year for all kinds of worms
  • Keep your dog flea-free.
  • Do not take your dog to areas visited frequently by other pets.
  • Keep your dog leashed when you take it out for walk in order to restrain it from poking in trash or poop of other animals.
  • Manage the pet poop punctually in the most hygienic way.
  • Clean your yard & lawn at least weekly.
  • Let the sun rays reach maximum of the areas in your yard, lawn & house.
  • Regularly wash your hands, especially after petting your animals.


De-Worming Puppies

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