6 illnesses You Can Catch From Shih Tzu’s

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Shih Tzu are known as ‘’toy dogs, ’’ but while keeping these cute, little creatures, it should be kept in the notice that there are some diseases you can catch from them. They may either be long lasting or may occur for a short while. Both ways, they show that everything has its negative points as well.

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Here are some of the diseases you are likely to get:



It’s signs are diarrhea and cramping. If you feel like there is something wrong with your stomach and are facing issues, you might want to go to the doctor.


Dog Tapeworms:

It doesn’t occur just in dogs but can transfer to humans from them too. Children are more likely to catch it than adults.



These are very small worms and can contaminate people when they walk naked footed around the dog’s pooping place when it’s not cleaned fully.



Rabies is a very common illness, but it can damage the person internally as well. If one feels weak and has headaches or has a fever, then they might be getting the disease. It can also cause intellectual alterations like anxiety and confusion etc.



It isn’t a small disease. It is a bacterial disease and will leave you on the bed. If you don’t get it checked on time, it may become persistent. At first, it feels like the flu but then it increases gradually in the period of 6-8 weeks.



It is an infrequent disease and occurs to those people who get bit by Shih Tzu. However, this isn’t a minor illness, and it shouldn’t be ignored. It can cause long-term damage if the immune system of the person is not considerably strong.

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    Normal illnesses that you may get from your sick shih tzu.

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