5 Easy Tips To Assure Your Dog’s Health In Hot Weather

December 11, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Health and Care

Even though dogs are very adapting animals but they can’t withstand a lot of heat. Despite the fact that they will endure in a warm weather doesn’t mean they do it comfortably. Therefore it is our utmost duty as a pet owner that we take good care of their health and avoid taking them out in hot weather. An observant dog owner will be able to tell when their pet is uncomfortable. The main thing to do is take care of their overall health. In result of the hot weather your pet may feel exhaustion, dehydration and certain infections. Below I have mentioned some tips which will help you avoid such problems.

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/doggybytes/3715298109

Don’t go out for a stroll: Try your best not to take your dog out for a stroll in extreme summers. The ideal time is night 8-9 pm or even early morning.


Go somewhere green:  Go out for a stroll  where there is greenery like parks.

Keep a balance with water:  Do not feed a lot of water to your dogs just to avoid dehydration. This is a completely wrong move. Give water to the pets with breaks.


Swimming time: Love swimming?  Every time you go for a swim let your dog accompany you. This way you both will get some bonding time and your dog can cool off too. But don’t make it swim for a long time as it will cause a lot of fatigue.

Take it with you always: Where ever you go take the dog with you as leaving it in the car is very dangerous. In such cases chances of suffocation are very high. If you have to leave it in your car then park the car in a shady and airy place Or keep the air conditioner ON when the weather is very sunny.


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