Five Tips on how to take care of a Senior Shih Tzu

December 10, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Health and Care

Its a fact that the playful Shih Tzu will grow-up to be old with passage of time. Obviously  you will be surprised and saddened to see this transformation that the small fury creature getting old and losing its liveliness.

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Majority of pet owners do not realize their significant role in taking care of their pets in old age. For an old Shih Tzu, there must be a modification in the pattern of love and affection and everything is needed to be redefined according to the new demands and desires.

Below are five key points to contemplate while taking care of an old Shih Tzu pet.


1. Nutritious Diet:

When Shih Tzu was young, you indulged your dog with so many food treats that were of less nutritional value and more tasteful. Now for the old Shih Tzu, you can’t take such a risk because everything you give your dog to eat will directly leave impact on its health. It is therefore suggested to take an expert opinion from the experienced pet owners, veterans or consultants for creating a balanced diet plan.


2. Monitor Weight:

An overweight chubby Shih Tzu is never considered a healthy dog. Excessive flab creates several problems particularly in old age. For every breed of dogs it is essential to maintain weight within a safe limit.


3. A good workout Routine:

Shih Tzu becomes a lazy dog in old age. It’s due to the complications that arise with age. Normally they become reluctant to move actively and love to stay comfortably in cozy places. Pet owners should never allow this for the sake of Shih Tzu health. Give old Shih Tzu an appropriate play time necessary to keep it healthy. Never give too much physical stress to the old dog, an exercise time with short intervals is recommended.


4. Regular Health Examinations:

Do not show negligence even with a minor health problem of Shih Tzu. To avoid frequent health issues, regular medical examination is suggested.


5. Dental Health:

Shih Tzu are prone to infections that usually proliferates through mouth. With age the immunity decreases therefore, it is very essential to regularly monitor dental health to avoid any infection that could later on spread in other body areas of Shih Tzu.

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    Simple steps about taking care of a Shih-tzu Breed dog and puppy.

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