5 Signs That You Should Never Ignore In Your Shih Tzu

December 11, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Health and Care

Dogs are known for their loyalty to their masters or owners. If they show so much love and devotion, then it’s also your duty to look after them properly. Take care of their health and safety regularly. You should be extra careful when you observe some strange behavior in your pet dogs and if necessary take them to the vet as soon as possible. Below I have mentioned some symptoms that show your pet is sick.

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Change in weight and appetite? The first thing you will observe with your pets is that there will be a sudden decrease in their weight or they will stop eating or having proper meals. What does this change exactly mean, you may ask? Well it shows your pet is very ill. This can also associate with your pet’s mood swings.


Not active enough? As you must all know dogs are very active pets so if he/she shows symptoms of fatigue or lethargy for a long time then it’s a very clear indication that they need to see a doctor.


Coughing: Pet owners know that coughing is very normal and common for dogs unless it isn’t accompanied with a runny nose then you got a real problem. Don’t delay it anymore and take it to the vet.


Don’t overlook fever: Many people overlook this symptom but it’s a very vital one. Use a thermometer to check for fever regularly and if it shows more than 102.5 degrees than you must take it to a clinic.


Can’t breathe? This is a serious symptom and one should be extremely careful when your dog experiences any breathing problems. Like it may not be able to breathe properly and does wheezing or determined gagging. Basically this indicated that oxygen can’t be reached to its body tissues. If this happens to your dog must be taken to clinic.

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