How to Eliminate Tear Stains From Shih tzu’s eyes

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If you have ever kept a Shih Tzu, then you know how frequently it gets the tear stains. It is habitual for small dogs. The reason why tear stains occur is that of the tiny ducts. But whenever this happens don’t stress because there are some easy ways to diminish the tear stains, if these methods are used the tear stains won’t be happening so frequently ever again.

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For the procedure you need:

  • 1 tsp white cider vinegar
  • Cotton swabs
  • Mineral oil
  • Tear stain remover
  • Hydrogen peroxide solution

Begin with hydrogen peroxide solution. First, mix it with water to weaken its concentration & impact, so it may be harmless to use around the eyes of the dog. Then, start cleaning the stains off with the mixed solution after putting it on the cotton swab. Use it for the whole day if the stains keep coming back again and again.


Add one tsp of white cider vinegar in the dog’s drinking water; it will stop the bacteria that cause the strains from developing. If your dog is hesitating from drinking the water, start slowly add half tsp of white cider vinegar and then gradually and slowly work your way up.

When the hair of Shih Tzu  grow long, go to the groomer to get your dog have a cut. If the hair around the eyes are long, they may cause the tear stain to be more visible. Let the groomer trim these hair so that you don’t hurt your dog.

You can simply buy the registered Tear Stain Remover. Make sure to read the prescription so that you may choose the best one for your dog.

These are just some methods, but they surely do prevent the tear stains. Try them yourself!


Prevent Tear Stains

Prevent Tear Stains

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    Natural way to remove tear Stains From Shih Tzu’s eyes.

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