Haircuts & Inventive Hair Styles of Shih Tzu

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If Shih Tzu Doesn’t Look Good, The Master Doesn’t Look Good!

The shih Tzu breed is branded for their lively and loving nature. Shih Tzu has the long double coat that hangs straight down. It looks beautiful & graceful, but can shed, tangle & be uncomfortable for the dog. It can even cause dangerous level of warmth to the dog in hot temperatures. So the Shih Tzu needs good & regular haircuts (4-5 weeks) as its hair grow quickly.

The groomer can style shih Tzu haircuts with different lengths in order to give it the unique appearance.

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The Stress Free Puppy Cut

The modest & most popular cut for Shih Tzu is called Puppy cut or Summer cut as the puppy is styled to deal better with the summer sun. This cut is stress free too as can be done by the owner at home. This style significantly decreases the home grooming, demanding only brushing, few times/weekly.

In this cut the puppy’s hair is clipped to remain less than an inch to two inches all over the coat. Following are the steps:

  1. The pup’s hair is brushed thoroughly in order to tangle-free the hair
  2. Alert clipping of hair is started at sensitive parts.
  3. Very careful trimming of the hair around shih Tzu’s face.
  4. Clipping is continued on different parts, until the coat has less than an inch to two inches of hair all over.

In order to give a different look to Shih Tzu within the summer cut there are several options for feathering:

  • Keeping more length of hair at Ears.
  • Keeping more length of hair on head.
  • Keeping more length of hair on the chest.
  • Keeping more length of hair at mustache & style like fu Manchu, Asterix, Lars the Viking, Motorhead, Gunslinger, etc.
  • Keeping more length of hair at tail.

The grooming of the Shih Tzu should be started at its early age when its hair is light & easily manageable for cutting & in order to familiarize it being brushed & altering positions during the cutting procedure.


Teddy Bear Cut

 This style refers to the hair around the face of the Shih Tzu which are cut by the stylist to an average length giving face a rounder, fluffier look resembling the Teddy bear an attractive stuffed toy. It can be combined with e.g.

  • Top knot with braids.
  • Summer Cut.


Lion king Cut

 In this style the stylist cuts whole body hair to a uniform length say half inch. Then cuts the hair of head with 2 inches’ length, behind the face running along the top & sides of the neck with 3 inches & keeps 2 inches on chest similar to lion’s mane.


Sassoon’s Bob Cut

 Let your stylist cut shape into the hair & take away everything that is superfluous.

In this style the hair of the head is usually cut straight around at about jaw-level & the front part of hair is cut & thinned to hang over the forehead of shih Tzu. This style can be shared with summer cut.


 McGregor’s Shag Style

 In this unisex & bouncy style the hair of the shih Tzu head are cut geometrically by the stylist to layer various lengths & feathered at the top and sides. The hair to the front part is cut & thinned so as to dangle over its forehead.


Inventive Hair Styles of Shih Tzu

Be creative & artistic in styling your long haired Shih Tzu with geometric cuts to give it an elegant & striking appearance.

The nicely maintained longer hair on the apex can be attractively beautified with stylish hair accessories:

  • Tiaras
  • Hair claws
  • Scrunchies
  • Bun nets
  • Alligator clips
  • Barrettes
  • Feather extensions
  • Ribbons
  • Bows

These lovely styles are based on long hair of the head of shih Tzu that involves importantly extended preparation & styling time. You may choose the right hairstyle & let Shih Tzu’s hair dresser to prepare & style it.

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Four Strand Braid

Something simple yet exclusive.  A four strand braid with superb thickness.

Braid with Braided Bun

To create a tight braid with the head hair of shih Tzu & fold it around its base twice to get a braided bun & keep the rest of the braid loose.

Sweet Side Braid

To make a loose side braid with curly ends.

Side Ponytail & Thick fringes

To make the regular ponytail on one side of shih Tzu’s head & wave it up & to make thick front fringes.

Elegant High Ponytail

To make a high ponytail on Shih Tzu’s head with its base wrapped with a division of hair.

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