Give Shih Tzu a Haircut At Home

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Haircut of Shihtzu at home

The Shih Tzu hair grow continually & can make the remarkable coat long enough to reach the ground. It is recommended to brush & comb the pet on regular daily basis in order to avoid tangles & mats. As the hair get too long to be maintained & managed simply, it is ideal to pleasantly cut the hair shorter for your ease & for the dog to look attractive & be cooler in summer. An electric clipper will be more suitable & comfortable along with a round-tip scissors to cut shih Tzu’s hair.

Haircut of Shihtzu at home

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Warm Water Bath: It is a requirement to remove the dirt, remains & dead hair in the coat before the cut so to begin the process, shih Tzu must be given a worthy warm bath while using the quality shampoo for dogs.

Dry Shih Tzu & its whole coat thoroughly 1st with the towel & 2nd with the blow dryer. Place the small dog on a higher table at the level of your chest for your convenience to easily change its positions and see it well & also let someone to assist you to hold it during its haircut. Comb all the hair of Shih Tzu gently.

Now put your electric clipper “ON” & leave it near the dog to hear its voice & get familiar & relaxed with it.

Step 1: For good hygiene, start shaving carefully the shih Tzu from its private areas (small area around the anus) with #10 blade that will leave hair 1/16’’.

Step 2: Change electric clippers blade to #30 that will leave hair 1/50”. Lift each paw to shave the hair under shih Tzu’s pads.

Step 3: Keep the same blade #30 & shave the hair on the upper portion of the nose & a bit away from the eyes.

Step 4: To start the cut of the Shih Tzu’s coat, choose the blade as per your desire:

  • The blade #7 will leave hair to 1/8”
  • The blade #5 will leave hair to 1/4″
  • The blade #3 will leave hair to 1/2″ (for a short, but not shaved look)

(Important) Keep in mind that the hair must be shaved in the direction of hair growth. Stand behind Shih Tzu & start shaving with mild pressure. Remember that after every shaving motion re brush the hair backwards & shave yet again until you get the desired & uniform length level for all shih Tzu’s body hair.

Step 5: From its neck-back towards the tail.

Step 6: From its spine towards the ribs.

Step 7: Lift shih Tzu up & cautiously shave the chest & tummy.

Step 8: Shave the hair on each leg.

Step 9: Attach snap-on comb #2 to the blade end of a clipper over the blade #30 in order to trim the hair of the head to leave the hair length for easy Top knot style.

Step 10: Back Comb the hair around each ear and use the round-tip scissors to cut & keep your desired hair length.

Step 11: For beard styles you have different options as below:

Door Knocker Beard:

  • Shave by using blade #3 to leave hair length 1/2” under the Chin
  • Shave the cheeks till ears while using blade #30 to leave hair 1/50”

Old English Beard:

This beard is full facial but highlights the cheekbones. To be cut by the scissors while keeping the length of 1” all over. It blends beard styles of a full beard & door knocker is full facial but highlights the cheekbones.

Anchor Beard:

It is an anchor shaped. To cut with scissors to line & define the chin and jaw together.

  • Length under the chin 2” to 3”
  • Length on the jaws 1”

Mutton Chops Beard:

The best grown on Shih Tzu’s round face. The Chin is shaved till jaws start while using blade #30 to leave hair 1/50” & the hair on the jaws & cheeks are Shaved by using blade #3 to leave the hair length 1/2”.

Step 12: To trim the hair in even line on sides of the tail with scissors.

Step 13: To remove excess hair from ear canal, use Pet Hemostat with Locking Ratchet, 5-1/2-Inch.

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    Simple but expert tips for hair-cutting your Lovely Shih-tzu’s hair.

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