Give Bath To Your Stinky Shih Tzu

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The Shih Tzu breed is considered as naturally clean dogs but still they need a regular bath as this can make them look more attractive, adorable and also healthier. If you will not keep your small puppies clean, they will most likely to catch a wide range of ailments, mostly infections. As your puppy may not be so fastidious with keeping him or herself clean, so it is your duty to take care of your puppies and to know how and when to give them bath properly. If your dog is muddy, filthy or smelly, make sure it needs a bath. With some of the good bathing techniques and proper preparation, you can make bath time an enjoyable and fun experience for you and your beloved puppy.

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Before making a regular bath schedule, it is good for you to consider some of the important facts about your dog like its age, breed, skin type, coat it has and its activities, etc. You can also consult to a vet before making a schedule. Once you have planned bath schedule, simply follow some of the following tips;


1- Choose a gentle shampoo as well as a good conditioner according to your dog’s skin type and breed. Also check out the labels to avoid any skin irritation.


2- Before you start, get rid of tangles and loose fur by brushing your dog’s coat. Take a tub and put a rubber mat in it to prevent your dog from slipping. Gently pick your dog up and place him/her in a bath tub. Place towel, shampoo, conditioner and any treat for your dog near you, so that everything must be handy. Use lukewarm water instead of too hot or cold water.


3- Appreciate your dog by rubbing its coat with hand or pat it with love and then turn on the water and wet your puppy thoroughly. Don’t start washing your puppy at once. Clean your puppy’s nose, ear and other sensitive areas with a soft cloth or cotton balls. Apply shampoo when your dog is thoroughly wet. Rub your dog’s body gently and massage its coat as well. For a thick coat, you can use a soft brush.


4- Softly, wash off the shampoo and apply some conditioner. Rinse it thoroughly and then wet again your puppy to make sure that there is no residual of shampoo or conditioner left on its body.


5- Finally, use a soft dry towel to get most of the moisture out of his/her hair. Once most of the moisture is out, you can take a blow dryer to finish drying. Brush your dog’s coat while drying to get rid of tangles. Give your dog a treat with love and affection to let it know he/she did a great job.


How to Bath A Stinky Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Bath Time

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