Best Shih Tzu Grooming Tips For Owners

January 15, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Grooming

Everyone is attracted to Shih Tzu dogs as they are one of the most adorable puppies on the earth. Being a Shih Tzu owner, it is your duty to know how you can groom your puppy. Like humans, with regular grooming your dogs will look their best and smell good. Grooming may sound like a lot of work, however, by considering some of the best tips, you will make a clear difference. Regular grooming of your dog includes brushing, bathing, etc. Some of the best tips are as follow;

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1. Make Your Dog Comfortable: First of all, set regular grooming rules and gear up your dog to your grooming rules as soon as you will get it. Train your dog to get accustomed to your holding his/her abdomen, paws and face. If you will touch your dog by force, it will certainly bite you or pull away from you. Most of the dogs show you uncomfortable behavior when you touch them, so make your dog comfortable with you first.


2. Start Brushing With Confidence:

Start brushing your dog when he is young to make the whole experience enjoyable and pain free. On regular basis, brush your Shih Tzu coat to make it tangle free, as combing through knots can be painful for your little puppy. Try to do brushing every day at a same place to establish a routine. Take a quality bristle brush and start brushing your dog from its feet, legs and then tails and end with its face and ears. Always brush down and towards the back of your dog’s body.


3. Know how often you should bath your dog:

Shih Tzu dog should not be bathed everyday because shampoos, conditioners and spray colognes contain chemicals that may harm your dog's skin and finally health. The other reason is that the hair of Shih Tzu dogs have natural oils and if you will give them a daily bath, their hair become dry and cause skin irritation. If you want to promote your dog&’s health, give at a gentle bath at least a couple of days in utility sink or in your bath tub.


4. Make grooming experience a fun for your pet:

During training and grooming your dog, it is useful to keep some treats on hand as this will help you control your puppy. After each training or grooming session, give him/her a treat with love. In this way, you will see your little fellow will have an enjoyable experience and he will look forward to its next grooming session with no doubts and fear.

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